Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Supermarket Sheep

We've had yet another sizzling day here in London.
The only downside with this heat is that I find it extremely hard to stay focussed on work.
 All I want to do is to grab a blanket and a cool bag full of chilled drinks & hit the park.
It gets horrendously hot in the flat during the day and horridly humid at night and as a result we’re going through rocket lollies, squash & ice cubes as if they were going out of fashion.
We had to pop up to groTesco earlier to replenish our stock of these very items...
I like to read the label on everything cause there are so many things that I'd really rather not consume...aspartame & corn syrup being top of that long list!
Hubby and I both loathe big supermarket chains & I really feel like the biggest hypocrite alive when I wander down the isles of groTesco.
I buy most our fruit & veg from either the £1 a bowl man or a family run greengrocer not too far from our house, they sell freshly baked Turkish bread and delicious olives too.
However for every year we've lived in this area the number of these small family run businesses seem to dwindle and yet another 'groTesco local' or one of the other supermarket giants move in.
The variety seemingly shrinking in favour of more of the flipping same.
What are you looking at ;)
Another thing that really gets my goat about these supermarkets is that the prices seem to change every time I go &  in my experience contrary to what the TV adverts proclaim it is more often a hike in price rather than a drop.
  There are so many things that I detest about groTesco but the thing that I hate the most is that I actually shop there.
I'm a self-confessed bread-o-holic but I find that if I bake it myself it's more filling, supermarket bought bread is often full of air & additives.
It still makes me laugh cry when I see how warped food pricing is in this country, especially in the light of the damaging effects that it has on the general public.
It was one of the first things that stunned me when I moved to the UK from Sweden back in 1994, I couldn't for the life of me understand why bad stuff like microwave meals, crisps, soda pop & biscuits were so cheap compared to good food.
I grew up with these things as rare treats and they were not at all part of the daily diet.
I was briefly acquainted with a young mother back in the 90s and was completely appalled with what she was feeding her kids...frozen pizza (that's why bad mums go to Iceland), chips, ready meals, white toast bread, chocolate spread and crisps. 
Never a meal cooked from scratch and never a piece of fresh fruit, horrible & if you ask me, tantamount to flipping child abuse!
The government should in my opinion subsidise fresh fruit & veg and make sure that supermarkets prices are regulated, so that the good stuff is affordable to everybody. 
If the powers that be really don't want a nation of morbidly obese people on mobility scooters in the future then surely this is what needs to happen?!
Busted! There I was thinking I could get away with sneaking a bag of delicious vegetable oil laden potato bits in the basket without hubby noticing ;)
Hubby and I are both vegetarian. 
When people ask me why we're vegetarian, I tell them to go on YouTube and check out the PETA's 'Meet Your Meat' video cause that should bring it all home.
Today's frock is vintage 50s by 'Global' and was an eBay purchase from a few years ago.
So what did we buy at groTesco?
Two bags of carrots for juicing (I've been juicing everyday lately and I'm developing a nice little David Dickinson glow)
Coffee for the cafetiere (we both need a daily fix)
Bottlegreen apple & plum cordial (I've been drinking pints & pints of this stuff)
Ice lollies (you've got to have them, when it's hot)
Mushrooms & garlic nan breads (for tonights curry)
As you can see above, I was caught lurking in the crisp isle...
I know I really shouldn't but we got a bag of potato sticks to share ;)
Close-up for the print & label lovers ;)
That's me all ranted out for one day!
So where do you stand?
Are you a supermarket sweeper or a supermarket weeper?
Lot's of love,

Monday, 1 August 2011

Urban foraging and silly posing

It has been a splendiferous summers day here in London.
So we took time out and went for a walkabout in the park & did some impromtu foraging along a nearby nature trail. 
The blackberries are getting ripe now and there's an absolute abundance on the bushes. 
I also wanted to collect some elderberries for making a cold & flu fighting tincture.
I've been very much inspired by my sister as she has been making  loads of jam & cordials lately.
Incidentally she has also recently started a gardening blog called Haveriet
it's written in Danish but if you can't read it there's loads of lovely pics to feast your eyes on too.
I was somewhat "overdressed" today wearing a frock with long sleeves. 
Thank goodness it is made from cotton otherwise I think I would have passed out from overheating but it was kind of good to have a little cover to protect my arms from being rasped to bits by the blackberry thorns.
The frock is from British High Street staple store Topshop but it is from the 70s.
I won it on eBay together with a bunch of other vintage attire a few months back but this was its first outing as it has been lying on my mending pile awaiting my attention.
It was nothing major, just a few stitches to the underarms and it was ready to be rocked again ;)
I love the little row of round fabric clad buttons to the front and the cute ditsy floral print.
Some blackberries destined for a crumble (that we have just devoured)...
A little bit of strutting infront of the camera, as one does ;)
I also picked some wildflowers, so much prettier than a garage forecourt bouquet & free too.
Some more snaps of my lovely dress...
I hunted down a few more vintage Top Shop frocks on-line for your perusing pleasure.
Behind every link is a wonderful vintage frock, go on and click, you know you want to ;)
The top one is from the lovely Liz.
Here's a close-up of print & label for any fellow fabric & label nerds out there ;)
  That's all for today folks!
Hope you've all had a swell day and that the sun didn't go to your head and make you do silly things like posing behind a tree with one leg sticking up in the air, tehe!
Lot's of love,

P.s. If you haven't read it already then there's a fecking brilliant interview to be enjoyed over on The Fashion Turd blog with the undisputed Queen of Quirk Helga.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Frocking Fetish

This morning I woke up to blazing sunshine and to celebrate I decided to wear my twin 'KATI by Laura Phillips' frock that I won on eBay last week.
In my earlier post I stated that the dress was navy but it is in fact black & this is when I shamefully admit that I sometimes buy things on eBay based only on the title & pictures, in other words I'm too lazy to read the description. 
Never mind, I was actually pleasantly surprised that it was black rather than navy & that also means that I may be able to get a trio in different colours ;)
Here it is...
Vintage 70s dress (eBay), Handmade Balinese earrings (from vivacious Vix), Vintage 80s Pierre Cardin peep-toe flats (charity shop), Vintage 80s belt & floppy straw hat (car boot sale), Bangles galore
Maroon or black, which one do you prefer?
Earlier on in the week I popped onto the VOUGE website & learnt that apparently fetish is going to feature on the trend agenda for A/W 2011.
I don't follow trends but I do seriously love a bit of fetish gear, so I thought that it would be interesting to see how I could incorporate a fetish element into an ensemble without looking too much like a maîtressese.
I bought this 'Midnight Fashions' zippy halter top in Camden many moons ago and I've used it as a waistcoat style top before, it looks wicked over a plain white shirt.
Here I've teamed it with my new 'KATI' frock, giving the dress a distinct minxy beer wench slant.
The other outfit is one I wore the other day...
I bought these funky boys dress pants from the car boot sale and added the bobble-trim myself...
Here are some more outfit pics from the past that illustrate my love for "slick & sleezy" materials ;)
That 'Midnight Fashions' top again. I made the necklace/headdress from a pair of old PVC trousers that had split at the backsie, I'm all for a bit of fetish clobber but I'd rather not go out with my arse falling out of my pants ;)
This is one of my shapeshifter ponchos in PVC & houndstooth fabric. I've got a small collection of PVC boots too, these are very 'Pretty Woman'. On the full frontal pic you can perhaps also just make out the necklace that I made from half an old vinyl record.
The belt was another project that I managed to do using the old PVC trousers & in the pics below I'm sporting yet another pair of my supa'shiny fetish stylee boots, yay, kick-ass!

So what do you lovely people think...
fetish attire for A/W 2011, YAY or NAY?!
Hope you will all have a fabulous weekend what ever naughtiness or niceness you choose get up to ;)
Lot's of love,

Thursday, 21 July 2011

A surprise parcel from the undisputed queen of quirk

My other 'KATI' dress was delivered this morning but its arrival was totally eclipsed by the content of another mystery parcel.
For a moment I thought I’d been sleep-eBaying but after peeking at the sender address I realized that it was from the tremendously fabulous Helga.
What a darling she is surprising me with a parcel of goodies all the way from New Zealand, thank you ever so much my lovely!
I fell totally head over heels in love with the two fabulous frocks in the parcel.
In fact so much so, I had to shed all my clothing and pop one immediately.
Here it is, isn't it just flipping AMAZING!
The print, the colour, the cut...just WOW!
It's labelled 'Oriental Crafts' and the print is in my opinion art gallery worthy.
It's a wrap dress, but unlike some of my other wrap dresses the skirt on this one is gorgeously billowing.
As for the colour...a sumptuous terracotta red, simply stunning!
Helga is a complete wiz at getting frocks that fit me like a glove too, what a marvel!
It's been piddling down here most of the day, so I only managed to get pics of one dress outside before the sky ripped open again but I thought I'd rope Barbara in on the frock action too.
So here she is modelling the second fabulous frock...
Another art gallery worthy print, I think you'll agree & the cut is very 70s cocktail party hostess, I love it!
The label on this one reads 'Styled by Exclusive Frocks, Made in Christchurch New Zealand'.
I'll take some proper pics of this & the 'KATI' frock tomorrow...if it has stopped piddling outside by then.

Helga my dear, you’ve got me on a mission now to reciprocate your overwhelming kindness. 
This is not the first time that Helga has lavished me with gifts, here are some pics of other amazing stuff that has made the journey all the way from Christchurch into my vintage wardrobe...
Vintage 70s sky blue leaf patterned maxi (that I hitched up for this pic), The funkiest hot pink vintage cap ever & a very stylish 50s frock in navy blue.
Like I said 'FUNKIEST CAP EVER' & a vintage 70s dreamy pink swirl pattern maxi frock.
I almost wet myself when she sent this awesome Hawaiian vintage bikini. I brought it with me on our hols in Malaysia & Thailand earlier on this year. Mark (my hubby) wrote Helga's name in the sand before taking that sunlounger pic ;)
Goodies galore from the undisputed queen of quirk, anyone who hasn't got Helga on their blogroll hasn't lived yet as far as I'm concerned. 
Along with Desiree, Vix & Sarah she makes up my fantastic four 'Legendary Frockers' as featured in my sidebar.
If there is such a thing as a 'must-have' on a blogroll then surely these fab four ladies fall into that category, so if you haven't as yet...add them...they will make your life sweeter as they have done mine :)
Thanks again Helga, I LOVE my new frocks & the funky bag too.
Lot's of love,

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pricetags & KATI frocks

This morning something really lovely landed on my doorstep; a parcel containing this fabulous vintage 70s frock...
I've recently bagged four dresses by the same label, namely 'KATI at Laura Phillips'.
Two of them I won on eBay and one I bought from my vintage dealer friend. 
One is still in the post & it's actually the same as the one below but in navy.
When I went to Portobello Market last Friday I actually spotted this dress on one of the stalls there, the seller was asking a whopping £70 for it.
So personally I wouldn't recommend Portobello Market as a place to go bargain hunting but for inspiration it's a cracking place.
How much would this frock cost at Portobello Fashion Market...I wonder ;)
I was scouring the net earlier for 'KATI by Laura Phillips' frocks and I found quite a few on eBay, etsy and various other vintage clothing retail sites. 
I've stuck a heap of links below if you want to click around and have a wee peek on what's up for grabs out there in virtual vintage land.
I did find one frock with what I thought was a 'piss take' rather than a 'price' (and it was in the sale)...
I'm sure you will figure out which one I'm on about if you have a flick through the links but most of the frocks are more than reasonably priced and there's even one up for grabs from the very lovely Liz over at vintage-a-peel...
it's a beaut, I think you'll agree?!
Here's another 'KATI' frock that I bought on eBay last Christmas...
I'm not the only one who likes to wear a 'KATI' frock though!
Here's the always ├╝ber stylish Vix in two of her 'KATI' wonders...
She bagged the blue one from 'the 20p man' at her local Wednesday market...
that chap wouldn't get very far at Portobello, the other traders would have his guts for garters ;)
Here's that list of links for your perusing pleasure, 
each one will take you to a 'KATI at Laura Phillips' frock:

The last one is the same as the one I bought on eBay, obviously they must have made a shedload of these cause that's the fourth I've seen in one month ;)
 I hope my other 'KATI' arrives tomorrow, I can't wait to try it on in blue ;)
Lot's of love,
YOWZA, go Jessie J :)

P.s. Darlings don't forget to enter the That's my bag! giveaway,
it finishes on Thursday evening ;)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Keeping Up Appearances and a visit from Penny Dreadful

Today I had a lovely visitor in the boudoir, namely the fabulous Margaret from Penny Dreadful Vintage.
Margaret is a bona fide vintage lover and is exceptionally versed on the subject.
Besides being a font of vintage knowledge, Margaret is also an extremely gifted gathering goddess & she has a cracking etsy shop brimming with delicious vintage goodies for all budgets.
Here are three of the stunning frocks that you can currently purchase from the shop, 
click the picture to go to the listing :)
I felt like I'd known Margaret for years after just a couple of hours, she's a really lovely gal!
She was the spark of inspiration for my boudoir of delights as she set up a charming  mini boutique in her spare room back in April.
I haven't been there as yet but it is definitely on my to-do list, yay, I can't wait!
I promised to post some pictures of my new 'Kanga Collection' dress, so here it is in all its 80s Hyacinth Bouquet-esque glory...
Next time you pop around Margaret, I'll bring out my Royal Doulton china with the hand-painted periwinkles, lets make it soon my dear ;)
To anyone else that wants to have a rummage in my boudoir of delights, the door of opportunity is still wide open, so don't be shy now.
Lot's of love,

Saturday, 2 July 2011

A frock by a royal mistress

Last weekend I bagged this awesome 80s 'Kanga Collection' dress made by Dale Tryon.
Apparently she was Prince Charles’ other other woman besides Camilla.
For an ugly bloke he sure got a lot of action that one…just as well he was born a prince really.
I love everything about this dress, the print is fab, the skirt is pleated & super duperly swishy, yay!
The frock also features gypsy chic ruffle trim neckline & cute puff-sleeves, double yay!
Lady Tryon's obituary makes for very interesting reading if you've got a few minutes to spare :)
I scoured the net to find other 'Kanga Collection' garments for you guys to have a look at but was rather disappointed  to find only three; a dress on eBay, another dress from the  London Frock Exchange & a floral two-piece from the Clothes Agency.
I'm definitely adding this designer to my eBay search list ;)
Have a brill Sunday my lovelies :)