Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Plant loving crackpot

If I were able to have a whole house full of rescue dogs, cats, birds and miscellaneous wildlife I totally would but as things are that is sadly not possible.
There is one thing that we can and do rescue and give a new home to and that is abandoned houseplants.
Mark found this yucca plant in a terrible state a while back. 
The previous owner had kept it in a very small terracotta pot and the plant was completely rootbound inside of it. 
You can see how one of the plant trunks is completely warped & that was wrapped onto the rim of the wee pot.
Instead of repotting the plant they had just put it out with the rubbish as it was dying.
As soon as Mark brought him home, I took a hammer to the pot, liberated Mr. Yucca and re-potted him into a big poundland planter and he has thrived with us ever since.
In fact he has been growing so well that the other day I had to venture up to the nature trail in search of a "crutch" for him.
The warped trunk looked as if it was straining under the weight of his marvelous crown, so I found a perfect stick to support it.
We love our houseplants and like Prince Charles we do talk to them.
 Call me a crackpot if you like but my plants make me very happy and I do like to tell them that :)
Once it gets a bit warmer outside, I shall bring them all out on the balcony to repot them into some fresh soil and bigger pots if needed... 
I call this Yucca plant Odie cause when Mark brought him home he reminded me of the dog from Garfield, all long-necked and lanky. The big pic is Odie today and the one to the right is when he first moved in with us ;)
Question time...
Do you keep houseplants or are you lucky enough to have a garden where you grow things?

Today we had rain & sunshine in the morning, snow & strong winds in the afternoon and to finish off, our little corner of London was treated to a lovely pink sunset.

Today's ensemble:
Vintage 50s jacket, 60s psychedelic floral print mini dress, crushed velvet booties, layered tights (plain red and acid orange fishnets), bangles galore & Frocktasia earrings & horse-brass necklace.
I curled my hair this morning but it started snowing & blowing a gale when we were feeding the birds, so by the time these photos were taken you could hardly tell, och!
It was great reading your comments about 'Lucky Dipping' and eBay purchases. 
I know I'm a nosy parker but I just love reading your wee stories, so thank you for taking the time.

Today's song is by Crowded House, enjoy :)
Loads of love,


Trees said...

I love every part of your outfit! It looks so good and the colours work so well together. Lovely story about your yucca - Rich bought me a lovely plant for Christmas once, he bought it home in a shopping bag from the supermarket and it got so big. I gave it to my parents to look after whilst we were overseas and I think they liked it so much I never got it back!! We don't have any plants at the moment, our flat is just so small. Hopefully when we buy our own house we will have rooms for a plant and some bunnies ;)

Helga! said...

I love houseplants, but am useless at looking after them!!! I have a black thumb, I suspect.
OOOOOOOO, I adore this outfit, each and every detail is pure perfection!

Hayley Rose said...

I love house plants, so much so that me and my mum take in poorly ones get them back to health and give them back, we also have loads of potted plants in our decked garden. I am moving away from home (not too far) into a rented room on Sunday and I am going to buy a plant for sure! love the crushed velvet boots and the blazer! xx

Lucys Lounge said...

very well put together ensemble. the jacket is lovely. i have 4 rescue dogs . they give so much love . it's really me thats the rescued one. lucyx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love those velvet boots to pieces!!! I'm horrid with plants. We have had several gardens, but we stick with the easy stuff-- tomatoes, herbs, a couple of orange and grapefruit trees at our last place... Can't be trusted with anything more!
Becky :)

Vix said...

Such a fab frock perfect length and heavenly with the velvet boots and double tights!
I'm rubbish with house plants, I love the look of them but lose interest and they end up dying of neglect. My garden's the size of a small park and scares me to death! x

thorne garnet said...

my cats eat houseplants, except the cactus. I bring stuff inside in the winter, we get freeze days here, and I have a yard, too.

Love the dress

Misfits Vintage said...

I have a little cactus!

Your frock is GORGEOUS and I love the layered tights - you have such great legs!!

Sarah xxx

Olga Rani said...

I suppose I am very lucky as I do have a garden and I keep plants inside the house too. I like greenery around, it makes any environment more cozy.

edie pop said...

I have a garden, but except for a newborn apple tree it looks haunted and decadent, last year a long snake used to live there, so I can say that I took a good care of him, I love all the pets and animals and he was very cute!I can have only cactuses, they need few water and I often forget about it!You look gorgeous as ever and I love this dress and the boots so much!
Love xxxx

Izumihiiiflower said...

girl, I love your shoes!!!! *_*
and your outfit is so fuuuuuuun!!!

pastcaring said...

The frock is a beauty, and I am all for double tights action at the moment, that extra layer is necessary in this bloody cold snap we are having!
I like your plant rescue mission, but it would be no good if I joined in - I have killed every house plant I ever owned, so I have officially Given Up and stick with the outdoor variety, which seem to do much better! xxxx


Who doesn't love houseplants??

I love this ensemble, this screams high fashion to me. It's such a perfect transition outfit from winter to spring. That color looks gorgeous! Oh, and your hair looks great curly!

P.S. wanna follow each other on Bloglovin?


Sacramento Amate said...

My husband is the gardener. He looks after our post. They are always outside.
Looking glorious, dear jennie

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm getting gradually better at looking after plants... We're great a cultivating weeds in my house. I love having them around. Maybe I should buy plants instead of chocolate. YOu look lovely, those acid orange tights with that dress are so cool. The jacket is really stunning and rather like one I'd seen in Vogue recently