Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Cavorting in Coventry

Last weekend hubby & I paid a flying visit to Coventry where my little brother is studying at the moment.
We went to the transport museum and had mooch around the cathedral ruins.
Here are some of the pics that I took...
Room without a nice view! What was I expecting, eh?  "The Sydney Opera House, perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plains". For £27 a night, I'll suffer the view & the 80s decor.
Coventry Transport Museum
Lil bro & I
We went to check out my brothers student digs, I almost got cabin fever!
We had a gander at the new cathedral and the ruins of the old one.
Coventry was badly bombed during the second world war.
We only stayed one night and we were back home in time for me to take in two markets on Sunday morning. 
Hope everyone is having a good week ;)
Lot's of love,


Louise said...

What a small world, Coventry is where I live, and in fact where I was born and raised. I also went to Coventry uni. I'd love to have met up with you while you were here. X

Krista said...

What a cool day trip I am loving the picture of the skull and cross bones from the old cathedral. You and your brother are little cuties!

pastcaring said...

Sounds like a good day.
That suede maxi skirt is gorgeous! x

Taryn said...

love your coat, so luxe!

La Dama said...

What a perfect day amor!
I love your tigre coat,so pretty.
I am eyeing your Mexi tool bag and skull head and crossbones. that suede skirt is so beautiful.cant wait to see you modeling for us.

Josh Healy said...

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Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog said...

I love your coat! Great finds at the carboots, the tassel top is amazing.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Wow I'll bet you turned plenty of heads in your incredible outfit gorgeous girl! Tiger-print and red beret - gah!!!!! Yeah well, for 27quid I guess the best you can ask for is heating and clean bedding - I never mind going el cheapo coz more money for the oppys!! I LOVE the cathedral pics and I would love to visit Coventry to explore the WWII bombing history - I met a man at a flea market here a few months ago who was a wee lad when an incendiary bomb fell through next-door's chimney pot and didn't go off!!!!! Lucky eh? xoxo

AVY said...

Oh, I love ruins.

/ Avy

Style Sud-Est said...

Love your cute outfit, leopard skin coat and le beret rouge so chic! i am always amazed at what you find at those car boot sales, does not exist here.