Friday, 22 July 2011

Frocking Fetish

This morning I woke up to blazing sunshine and to celebrate I decided to wear my twin 'KATI by Laura Phillips' frock that I won on eBay last week.
In my earlier post I stated that the dress was navy but it is in fact black & this is when I shamefully admit that I sometimes buy things on eBay based only on the title & pictures, in other words I'm too lazy to read the description. 
Never mind, I was actually pleasantly surprised that it was black rather than navy & that also means that I may be able to get a trio in different colours ;)
Here it is...
Vintage 70s dress (eBay), Handmade Balinese earrings (from vivacious Vix), Vintage 80s Pierre Cardin peep-toe flats (charity shop), Vintage 80s belt & floppy straw hat (car boot sale), Bangles galore
Maroon or black, which one do you prefer?
Earlier on in the week I popped onto the VOUGE website & learnt that apparently fetish is going to feature on the trend agenda for A/W 2011.
I don't follow trends but I do seriously love a bit of fetish gear, so I thought that it would be interesting to see how I could incorporate a fetish element into an ensemble without looking too much like a maƮtressese.
I bought this 'Midnight Fashions' zippy halter top in Camden many moons ago and I've used it as a waistcoat style top before, it looks wicked over a plain white shirt.
Here I've teamed it with my new 'KATI' frock, giving the dress a distinct minxy beer wench slant.
The other outfit is one I wore the other day...
I bought these funky boys dress pants from the car boot sale and added the bobble-trim myself...
Here are some more outfit pics from the past that illustrate my love for "slick & sleezy" materials ;)
That 'Midnight Fashions' top again. I made the necklace/headdress from a pair of old PVC trousers that had split at the backsie, I'm all for a bit of fetish clobber but I'd rather not go out with my arse falling out of my pants ;)
This is one of my shapeshifter ponchos in PVC & houndstooth fabric. I've got a small collection of PVC boots too, these are very 'Pretty Woman'. On the full frontal pic you can perhaps also just make out the necklace that I made from half an old vinyl record.
The belt was another project that I managed to do using the old PVC trousers & in the pics below I'm sporting yet another pair of my supa'shiny fetish stylee boots, yay, kick-ass!

So what do you lovely people think...
fetish attire for A/W 2011, YAY or NAY?!
Hope you will all have a fabulous weekend what ever naughtiness or niceness you choose get up to ;)
Lot's of love,


Nelly said...

A hard choice but I think I really like the black.I love the bobble pantstoo and you have so many yummy things and do such great pictures.

Misfits Vintage said...

I agree with Nelly - they are both lovely but I think I prefer the black too - and it's frickin GORGEOUS and I also LOVE the bobble detail on the pants - you're so clever Jennie! I love all of your pvc items and I like that you wear them as regular items with your regular wardrobe and don't just save them for 'fetish' outfits... you and Desiree have such an innovative way of styling... I am learning...

Sarah xxx

Mo said...

I can't choose between the 2 frocks at all, love them both. And I may have to copy the bobble trim one day that looks great. x

Louise said...

I like both dresses, the poncho outfit is fab! Very creative. X

Spikklubba said...

Like both dresses, cant say what colour is the best.

I love the pvc belt, can see a lot of ways to wear that one. Have to much unused pvc and fake leather at home so yay to fetish.

Natasha said...

I say....YAY!!! :) Love those knee/thigh high boots. Very school girl gone bad. :) Love it and I plan to surprise my boyfriend with those babies :)

RETRO REVA said...

I LOVE those pants, and while I think the reddish dress is very becoming with your hair color, features, I am such a fan of black and would always pick black over any other color as I can always add pops of color to black, but I can't take the color out of color ;)
Love your new blog lay-out, too!

Vix said...

Dearest Jennie!
You're rocking both frocks and I couldn't choose a favourite because thay are both so beautiful on you.
That is the dress I was watching, I thought it was blue, too. We ought to tell each other what we're thinking on bidding for, I'd hate to bid against you and push the price up.
I love you in PVC, I think I did it to death in the 1980's and would feel a bit like a sad old throwback these days. You look stunning and those trousers are genius.

Perdita said...

I love the beer-wench-pvc-look!

Rose&Bird said...

You rock everything you wear!

I did once go out in a faux leather trousers and halter top combo, but haven't dared to try it again. I'm not sure what they'd make of in the grocer's shop!

Smashingbird said...

Great frock, I couldn't possibly choose which colour I prefer! x